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Board Advisory Services

Vandis provides specialist advisory services bringing focus to “The Director’s role in Innovation”.

We help develop leadership practices appropriate for a Board whose organisation is engaged in the challenges of digital disruption, market volatility and global competition.

Our unique Innovation Aware Governance approach satisfies the “What is measured is managed” (Drucker) maxim. We enable leaders to re-engage their need to direct strategy, assure progress, and optimise the application of resources with insight and agility to suit a digital-speed economy.

We guide the Board to an understanding of the challenges, concepts, application and benefits as applied to their own unique context.

Empowering the board to assure the organisation is fit to meet the challenges, withstand the risks, and capitalise on the opportunities arising in volatile times.

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"Future Fiduciary" – Director’s responsibility for volatile times. Do you know if your organisation is appropriately invested in its own future?